Ninth Creolistics Workshop

Contact languages in a global context: past and present

Aarhus University, Denmark, 11-12-13 April 2012

International conference on contact languages, including, but not limited to pidgins, creoles, mixed languages, converted languages, and multi-ethnolects. This meeting was previously held at Westminster and Giessen. The Second Aarhus University Symposium on Connections between Second Language Acquisition and Contact Language Development will be held in conjunction with CW9.

Aarhus University is easily accessible from nearby airports. Ryanair offers exceptionally inexpensive flights between various European cities and nearby Billund, as well as inexpensive flights between London and Aarhus airport. Aarhus is also easily accessible by train and bus from Copenhagen and from northern Germany.

Nightlife in Aarhus features a steady stream of musical performances from cultures around the world, and music will be a feature of the conference activities.

The conference organizers are Peter BakkerAymeric Daval-Markussen and Peter Slomanson.

Thanks everybody for coming to Aarhus for these three fantastic days, we hope you all enjoyed your stay and that the talks at the conference have inspired and stimulated you!!!

You will hear back from us soon in connection with the publication plans.